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Tuesday, 25 January 2011 03:07

The worst thing you can do to your girlfriend is to forget about her birthday or give something that will show that you don’t really care about her. So here is the list of birthday present ideas for girlfriend:

  • Jewellery:  All girls like jewellery and there are no exceptions so buying a piece of jewellery for your girlfriend’s birthday is always a great idea. However the jewellery you buy must be something unique and show that you put some thought in it. For example if you noticed that your girlfriend likes purple color then you should buy something that has purple stone or whatever in it. Your girlfriend will be extremely happy because you not only bought something she likes but you are also paid some extra attention to her.
  • Vacation: Everybody likes to go on a vacation so taking your girlfriend on a small vacation is a great idea especially if it is her birthday. The time you both spent while away will definitely help you strengthening your relationship even father. It doesn’t have to be an exotic 14 day vacation in a 5 star hotel, but make sure the place you are taking your girlfriend is at least slightly romantic.
  • Clothes:  Clothes are always the good gifts especially if it something special and expensive. However to purchase clothes you first need to know what sizes you girlfriend wears so if you are not hundred percent sure I would avoid buying clothes.  
  • Phone or ipod: Phones are not that cheap, however if you buy one for your girlfriend, she will always remember you whenever she uses her phone, so it is a good investment if you really into girl.
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