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Monday, 31 January 2011 18:15
Nowadays it is not unusual to have a long distance romance and there is nothing wrong with having one. With current advancements in transportation technology it is very easy to travel long distances in extremely short periods of time and this one of reasons why long distance romances become popular. So why would you ever consider having a long distance relationship? There are some factors in life such as work or college, which can make you to move away from you family or even girlfriend and this is where long distance romance starts. For example let’s say you are an engineer working somewhere in northern Canada for 6 months straight or maybe you are just moving to a new city with University which offers the program you are very interested in. So how do you keep you romance on when you and your girlfriend are away from each other?

You best friend to keep you long distance relationship working is internet. Yes with current internet technology you can talk, write and even see the person you are interacting with. Some of the programs you may consider using Skype, MSN and some email service will be useful as well, because depending on what you are doing you might have very little of free time and email might be your only option to interact with your girlfriend. Also don’t forget to use your phone if you don’t mind paying all those long distance charges. However text messaging might be relative cheap even if you are in different countries, especially if you bought some kind of plan. I am not sure why, but most girls just love texting so use it to keep your romance up. Write some teasing messages, complements and even some dirty stuff to keep your chemistry on.

The last and most important thing is don’t forget to visit your long distance lover, because if you always making some excuses not to visit, your girlfriend might get suspicious that you are seeing someone else and this is something you don’t want to happen.  Of course long distance flights might get expensive, however if you keep an eye on airline prices you will notice that you can easily get a ticket half of usual price if you buy it during low season or if you flight is not direct and has some stops.

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