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Sunday, 03 April 2011 05:03

Online dating is becoming more and more widespread and now around 40% of singles are members or considering joining a dating website. Most people start to realize that finding singles online is much easier, faster, safer and cheaper than going to the bar a club, where there almost zero chances that you meet somebody who is looking for a relationship. So why you might want to consider finding singles online? There are plenty reasons for that and here I am going to highlight some of them:

1)      Your never seem to be able to meet beautiful women because your boss only employs men. For example you are some kind of engineer or you spend lots of time working outside of urban areas. Or maybe you are researcher working in lab with no woman at all except an old cleaning ladyJ. If you think that it relates one way or another to you might want to consider finding singles online.

2)      You are science student in university with no girls at all.

3)      You live in a rural area without any bars, clubs and parties.

4)      And of course if you are very afraid of talking to women than online dating website is a good place to start practicing your dating skills.

So if you think that your dating life is not perfect and it can be improved it is time to start online dating. There are hundreds of dating websites to choose from. I am not big a fan of very popular Plenty of Fish, mostly because most people there are too cheap to pay for the membership and therefore most of them are not serious in finding somebody. After you joined the dating website it is time to create an attractive profile, so that you could stand out among the other people. Most important thing is to upload 4-5 great photos of yourself and write at least something interesting about yourself which will make other people want to meet you. Avoid uploading black and white photos, as well as photos were you are wearing sunglasses or where it is hard to see your face.  When for examples a woman see a guy wearing sunglasses on a photo she immediately thinks that he is hiding something about himself and that significantly decreases you changes of making this woman attracted to you... And here is one more advise; don’t worry too much if you don’t get reply from the girl you sent message to because you never know what is the true reason why she didn’t want to get to know you and in many cases there is something wrong with that girl and not you. Just keep on looking and you will find your true love.
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