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Saturday, 23 April 2011 22:29

Many teens nowadays believe that they just have to join a dating website to find a girlfriend however it is not a very a good idea and in this article I will talk about alternatives to teen dating websites. If you are still going to high school then you obviously meet many beautiful girls and you main problem is in the way you behave around girls. Dating websites are created for people who are not meeting enough of good looking girls and mostly that’s because of the degree they do in college or work they do. For example dating websites are great for guys who are doing science or engineering in college because they don’t really meet any girls. However if you daily meet large number of girls but you are still not able to get a girlfriend then you need to analyse the way you interact with girls.

First thing you should look into is you appearance. Are you going to gym at least 3 times a week or are you taking a good care of your hygiene? If not join gym or some sport’s club because girls are naturally attracted to athletic guys. Also look at what are you wearing, because if you are wearing something that every other guy does you might have problems with girls no able to notice you. Another thing that girls always look at is you shoes. I asked a couple of girls about shoes and the reply I good is quite surprising. Most girl believe that you are going to treat them in the way you treat your shoes, so if you have dirty and old shoes you will probably have problems attracting girls. However if you are taking a good care of your shoes girls will unconsciously think that you are very caring guy. Also make sure you get the best haircut possible to standout among all other guys.

Another important thing is the way you interact with girls. If you are always talking about the same boring stuff then you will never be able to attract them emotionally or sexually. When you meet girls you should talk about exciting things like traveling, hiking, going to the club or party you had last Friday. To make girls remember you, you need to ask them deep questions like when the last time she was truly in love or what are the most emotionally exiting things she did during the last year. At the end you also need to be very confident because otherwise all you deep questions will look fake and she will just give you some shallow answers and all the attraction between you two will cease.

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