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Friday, 29 April 2011 02:14


You have a great girlfriend but you feel that attraction is not strong enough and you want to make your girlfriend love you even stronger. So how can you do it? I mean you can’t just demand from her to love you more, because it will never work and will probably make her love you even less. Luckily there are plenty of methods which almost guarantee to greatly increase an attraction from your girlfriend. In this article I will cover some of those methods which will make your girlfriend love you more than you ever imagined.

The first thing you can do which will immensely increase the attraction between you to is to give your girlfriend gifts. However the trick is to give her gifts on dates such: year since you started dating,   month since you had first kiss or even month since you first time slept together. The gift you give to her should be something material like some kind of toy or souvenir. The bracelet or chain will also make a good gift. The point of doing so is that every time she sees you gift, she will remember the great times she had with you and this feeling will make her want you even more. To make sure those gifts are precious to her you should only give them like 3-5 times per year. For other events you can take her out, buy her gift card to beauty salon or take her shopping.

Another method to make your girlfriend to love you more is to have once in a while deep conversation with her about feelings like love or just choose some other deep topic. The main reason for all break ups is that people become emotionally disconnected from each other and you definitely don’t want it to happen. Why talking to her you should make a good eye contact with her and make her feel like you completely understand her. Girls just love when a guy understands them and if you can give her this feeling, she will love you even more because you are different from all other guys.

Last method is to talk with your girlfriend about good childhood memories. I am not hundred percent sure how it is work but it looks like when she remembers something exiting from her childhood she associates this feeling with you. And as you know the more emotionally exited your girlfriend becomes around you, the higher is the attraction between you two.

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