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Monday, 02 May 2011 06:16

I just recently came from a vacation to Cancun with my girlfriend I met on Match and so I decided to share with you my experience with that site. I truly believe that Match can easily be the best dating website I ever been to and trust me I been to many dating websites. I am not sure if it was the luck or site but I met a girl of my dreams in less than one month. The reason why many guys struggle with online dating is because they chose the wrong dating website and after not getting replies to their messages they are getting discouraged. That is why I never recommend joining any free dating websites because on many of those sites there is a large number of fake profiles. Besides that those websites also full of shallow people who are so cheap that they don’t even want to spend $30 to join a decent website. The fee you pay to join a good dating website is nothing compared with the trouble you will avoid. Plus from my own experience most girls on a free dating websites are extremely bad looking and getting rejected by below average looking girl is not fun.

So why Match is best dating website? The reason is very simple, this website is quite old and has large number of members from all over the world and therefore you have wide range of girls to choose from. You will also encounter less competition on sites like Match compared to some free dating website, where every guy who has internet access can join it. Most girls I talked to on sites like Match have some education and some have good high paying jobs. Therefore if you go on a date with one of those women they will sometimes want to pay for themselves and some will even pay for you. Of course some people believe that if guy asks girl on a date then he has to pay for everything. However I am not completely agree with this because if you pay for a girl, you will never be able to find out if she is truly into you or she just dating you for money you have.

Now it is up to you whether you want to join some free website or the one I had success with. I just want you to be prepared if you go with free one about the challenges you will face.

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