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Saturday, 07 May 2011 22:31
Many guys think that as soon as they get into college they will be able to get a gorgeous girlfriend in no time. However it is not that easy and it very depends on what kind of program are you in. Of course there are thousands of beautiful girls running around the campus, but what if you don’t have classes with any of those girls? To find a girlfriend in college you need to be able to find girls outside of your classes because very often as I said before you will not have good looking girls in you classes.

>The first step in finding a girlfriend in college is to join some extracurricular activities. This will highly increase the number of girls you are interacting with and therefore will also increase your chances in finding a potential girlfriend. If you a have some hobby you might want to check if you college has a club with people who have a similar hobby and this way you will be able to meet girls with similar interests. You may also consider getting some kind of job on campus and this will help you become more popular and therefore will highly increase your chances in getting a gorgeous girlfriend. When you meet a new girl you should always try to become friends with her, even if she is not very good looking. This will increase you social status and it is very possible that those not so good looking girls have single friends and those friends might be quite hot.

If you want to be hundred percent sure that you will find girlfriend in college, then you might consider living on campus. Many campuses have co-ed dormitories and therefore you will be able to meet girls almost 24 hours per day. Also if you are living on campus it is a good idea to join a fraternity and participate in all the activities they do. Joining fraternity will save you lots of money on clubs and bars, because fraternities usually have some kind of contracts with various entertainment spot and therefore you will have free entrance and vip service in many of those places. Being a vip will increase your chances in attracting even more girls and just making new friends.

The last places to find a girlfriend on campus are your classrooms as long as you have some potential girlfriends there. To start a conversation with a girl in class you can just ask her to help you with something or ask if you can borrow her notes. If you know that you will be working in groups, then you should try to get in a group with attractive girls. To do so during the first day of classes, when you come to classroom just sit close to good looking girls and when the teacher says that it is time to get into groups then you just ask girls if they don’t mind you joining their group. If you follow all those tips you will not have any problems in finding girlfriend in college.


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