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Thursday, 12 May 2011 18:41

You would be surprised to find out that more than half of the college girls are single or ready to break up with their current boyfriend if any decent guy comes around. So why there are so many single college girls? There are a couple reasons for that and the first one is that freshmen college girls usually have to move to another city to go into college and therefore they have to leave their current boyfriend behind. Another reason is that many college girls are taking hard subjects like medicine or science and therefore they don’t participate in college parties and that is why they don’t have that many chances in meeting guys. The last reason why there are so many single college girls is because some girls are shy and they are waiting for the guy who will make the first move and if he never comes around, they stay single. That is very good news for guy who wants to meet single girls in college because you potentially have thousands of single beautiful girls waiting for the guy like you.

Many guys don’t realise that they are the surrounded by single girls in college, because they listen to what girls talk among themselves and that mostly about guys and therefore some guys after hearing this type of conversation start to think that all the girls are in a relationship. However it is not true and the interesting thing is that girls want you to believe that they are in a relationship and some will go as far as changing their facebook statuses to “in relationship”. That contradicts the common sense because if the girl is single and she wants to get a boyfriend, why would she try to make everybody think that she is in a relationship? The answer is simple it is all done to raise her social status, because when she is single all her friends will think that she is not good enough to get a guy. College girls are all about social status and they will do pretty much everything to raise it.

Therefore my advice to you is stop caring whether college girl you like is in a relationship or not and just start talking to her and if everything goes well ask her out. If she is really in relationship, she will mention it to you and only believe her if she says it when her friends are not around, otherwise it is probably lies.

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