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Thursday, 12 May 2011 21:45

There are quite a few free dating websites men can use to find single women. I am not a fan of free dating websites, however if you never tried online dating before, joining a free dating website will help you decide whether online dating is your cup of tea. However if you are serious about finding gorgeous and smart women, it is a good idea after you tried online dating on a free dating website is then to join a more reputable website. Anyways the best tree dating websites for men I used are Oasis, plenty of fish and okcupid. There are many other free dating websites you will be able to find if you do Google search, however the ones are listed have the largest user database and therefore it is going to be much easier for you to find date on those websites than on some small one.

Competition is quite stiff on free dating sites because everybody can join and therefore you will have to spend some time adjusting you dating profile to get a reasonable number of dates. The most important factor which will determine whether girl agrees to chat with you besides you profile is the first message you are going to sent to her. If it is going to be something shallow like “hi, do you want to chat?”, then you will never get a reply from a girl. Most guys will quit online dating after they don’t get replies for 5-10 of the messages they sent to girls. The funny part is that those guys send the same lame message to 20 girls and they expect every girl to reply. Girls are used to getting dozens of messages as I showed before from guys, and therefore they will just ignore you. Anyways I don’t want you to fail in online dating and therefore I am giving you 47 free sample messages here. Just change them slightly and you will be good to roll.

If you still don’t get replies then there is something really wrong with your dating profile. To find out the problem it is a good idea to ask your sister, her girlfriends or even your mom haha, to go over your profile and see if it sounds attractive to women. Many things that will be attractive to you may completely turn women off because girls have very different values from guys. If you are afraid to ask those people to check your profile, then you might want to join some dating forum and ask people there what they think about your page. They will give you lots of feedback and the most important thing is not to take it close to the heart. After you fix you dating profile according to what people advise you, the number of replies you get will significantly increase.

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