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Thursday, 12 May 2011 23:09


It is becoming more and more popular for older women to date younger men and there is nothing wrong with that as long as age gap is not too big. For example it is perfectly normal for 30 year old woman to date 20 year old man. There are many advantages as well as some disadvantageous for this kind of relationships. However the most important question is what older women find attractive in younger men.  As woman gets older her life becomes less and less exciting because she already has a stable job and she doesn’t really meet any new people. Her friends talk about the same problems every time she goes out and the guys her age do not have such a strong sex drive anymore and therefore they are not turning her on anymore. That is why many older women are dating younger men to add some excitements to their boring life.


Another question is why younger men are attracted to older women? I mean based on evolution principles men should be only attracter to girls in their twentieth. However the number one reason some men are attracted to older women is because those women are more mature than the girls they usually hangout with. Plus older women are not playing any mind games anymore and this is why guys can be attracted to older women. Also some guys are quite mature and they want to be around somebody who can hold decent conversation for example about science, politics or any other serious topic. Having this kind of conversation with a twenty year old girl is almost impossible. Also dating older women raises guy’s self esteem because it means that he is more mature than all his friends who are only able to pick up 18 year old girls.

The number one spot to find older women who are looking to date younger men is online. Many guys miss on those women because they put filters which prevent women who are older than 30 or 40 years old to contact them. To increase your chances in meeting older women it is a good idea to put somewhere in your profile what kind of girls you are looking for. If you want to be more proactive you can start messaging older women you are attracted to. However the challenge is how to know if that woman is looking to date younger man. To leave guessing behind check the woman’s profile and see in what guys she interested and also take a look at her photos. If in the photos she is wearing clothes which are not really appropriate for her age or has a haircut like younger girls do, than there is a very good chance that she is trying to attract younger men.


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