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Tuesday, 17 May 2011 04:28

There are many places where you can meet single women; however in some places it is much easier to get girls interested in you than in others. The top places to meet single women are colleges, work, malls, food courts, various parties and through the online dating. Meeting single women in college is easy because of the two reasons. First of all there are thousands of girls in college and many of them are single and the second reason is that those girls want to meet someone because at that age everybody wants to have a partner. Meeting single girls in college is extremely simple because to start a conversation with a girl you like, all you have to do is to ask a question about something you did in class or just comment her on something.

Meeting single women at work should be done very careful because if you get in a relationship with woman from your work and it doesn’t work, then you will have to see this person every day after you break up and it can affect how you fulfill your job duties. The good part about meeting single women at work is that you will have plenty of time to study their personalities and it will significantly decrease the chance that your relationship would not work. However you need to make sure that you don’t get too intimate during your work hours, unless you boss doesn’t mind it. Another problem with dating someone from your work might be that somebody from your co-workers can get jealous and this can cause personal conflict which is not a good thing. However if you play it smart you will be able to meet girls of wife type of material at your workplace. When you have a lunch time it is a good idea to go to a food court, since it usually has plenty of women. Some of them are single and some are not, and the best way to find out which are single is by looking whether they are wearing a ring. If you see the woman you like all you have to do is to sit beside her and just ask or compliment her on something.

Malls are full of gorgeous girls because almost every girl loves shopping. To start conversation with a girl in a mall you may ask her opinion on something. For example ask the girl you like whether the shirt looks good on you or what kind of perfume she likes on men. When you see that girl doesn’t mind talking to you, then you can move conversation into more intimate direction and at the end ask for her number. Parties are also good places to meet single women and most women who go to the parties are open for meeting guys like you and therefore they don’t mind if you start talking to them.

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