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Monday, 30 May 2011 01:20

Having a great username for your online dating profile is very important and it is one of the factors which will decide whether people will look over your profile or not. You probably heard or experienced yourself that there are situations where you send email to somebody you like and it gets deleted without even being opened. So what might be the reason for that? If you have a bad dating profile picture then it might be one of the reasons but if your picture is decent then there is must be something wrong with your username. If your username is just random mix of letters, has something to do with s*x or just sound plain depressing then it is the reason why your emails are not being read. Just imagine for a second that you are a good looking girl who can get as many guys as she wants and you open your inbox and there are ten new emails from different guys. Will you go over all those email or will you just read the ones which have a nice title (your username) and profile picture attached to it? That is in fact what happens because good looking girls who get dozen emails a day, will go only over some of the messages and if you send them a message with username like “s*x69”,they will never even open your email. I bet you don’t read all the spam you get into your mailbox either.

So how to create an awesome username for online dating profile? First of all you need to figure out what is your passion and what kind of girl you are trying to attract. Let’s assume you are doctor. If you want to attract a decent and smart girl your may want to choose username like “Doctormike”. However if you want to attract girls who are just looking for a casual relationship, then you may choose something like “Doctorhandsome”. All those usernames are better than something like “Mike69_29” or “g6h8j6yu”. Yes, I did saw usernames like the last one and it is very easy to figure out how sane the person who has such username. Just by looking at the username you can easily figure out the level of education of the person and his social status.

The best usernames for online dating profiles are the ones which can convey your personality. Those usernames capture excitement, confidence and mystery. Try to choose something unique which will grab girl’s attention and make her wonder “Who is that guy? There is something interesting about him”.

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