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Tuesday, 31 May 2011 01:57
Today we are going to talk about another very important component of your dating profile which is the headline you write for your online dating profile. Many people, especially guys will fail in online dating because they don’t spend any time thinking on whether the headline the use for their dating profile will attract or repel girls. First of all let’s talk about things you should never put in your dating headline and most of those things are obvious such s*x, hot, money, drinking, your favourite hockey team, daddy, party and etc. Those are the obvious words which will repel any girl who has at least some brains.  Other things that will hurt your chances in attracting girls are the words which make you sound desperate and those are looking, want, need, write, click, look, send and so on. First of all, those words make you look desperate and the second problem with them is that these are the demanding words and nobody likes when somebody tells them what to do.

Also you need to make sure that your headline doesn’t convey to the reader that you are depressed, lonely, and sick or whatever has to do with negative emotions. Your headline should tell everyone that you are very exciting person, who enjoys his life and has goals and ambitions. It also needs to be unique because if it the same as on some other guy’s profile, women will think that you are not creative and boring and they will not write to you. Another common problem with headlines on dating websites is that many of them are misspelled or just don’t make sense and if you have one of those headlines it will probably put you in a bad light.

The main point of headline is to grabs girl’s attention when she is browsing various guys in her city. When she does so, she usually sees 20 guys per page and therefore you will need to stand out among all of them. To do so the first step you need to do is to think about what is your passion and try to put into words and then into headline. Make sure everything you say makes sense and also try to write headline of decent length because many guys will have two-three words headlines and therefore you will be able to visually grab girl’s attention.  Also you may consider using words like Stop! , which are automatically embedded in every one’s head and when we see it, we indeed stop.

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