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Sunday, 05 June 2011 02:44

Dating is quite an expensive hobby and this is especially true if you are a guy and therefore it is not a surprise that many guys are starting to wonder if it is even possible to meet single women for free.  If you are seriously tired of spending lots of money on dating I would consider starting meeting single women in places other than bars and clubs which require a large amount of cash and usually are not guaranteed to get you a girl or even a date. The bars and clubs are the places where girls go to take advantage of guys like you who are looking for a true love instead of one night fling. I met quite of few of those girls and some of them will do everything from faking feelings to lowering your self esteem by calling you cheap, just to get you to spend some cash on them. Of course there are some good girls in those places but most of them are definitely not of a girlfriend type of material. That is why I prefer to look for girls in other places which allow me to meet single women almost free.

The best places to meet girls without making any kind of cash investment are colleges, work places, coffee shops and malls. However most girls you will meet in those places are not looking for anyone in particular and therefore you should expect to spend some time before you get a girlfriend if you go this way. Those girls are not the easy ones but they do make the good girlfriends and wifes and most of them will never intentionally try to hurt your feelings. When you meet girls in any of those place you don’t need to spend any money at all until you are dating one of those girls and therefore if money is an issue for you, then you might want to start spending some time in the places I talked about and see if there are any girls who you might be interested in. To start conversation with a girl in mall, the safest way is to ask her opinion on something or complement her on her taste. If after the initial conversation you see that the girl might be interested in you, then it is good idea to just be bold and ask her for number or Facebook. Some girls seem to be afraid of giving numbers away but most of them don’t mind to share their Facebook. Another advantage for asking her for Facebook instead of number is that it is going to look extremely indirect and she will never suspect that you are hitting on her.

Meeting single women for free is possible but it requires much more time and work from your side. However after you become skilled in meeting women in places other than clubs and bars you will be become more successful not only in your personal life but also in way you interact with people as whole. This will allow you to have a good relationship with your boss and coworkers and it all will lead to better paying positions and various promotions.

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