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Sunday, 19 June 2011 20:17

Dating eastern European girls is not easier or harder than dating American girls, but you need to use a different approach when you are dating a girl from a different cultural background. Eastern European girls have slightly different values from American ones and therefore you have to know about them or otherwise you might end up looking as a jerk. First of all, most eastern European girls fall for a guy who can behave as gentlemen and has a good sense of humour.  By being gentlemen it means opening the door, paying for dates a making sure she gets home safely. Most eastern European girls expect you to pay when you take them out and therefore if you are not into paying for a girl then you better stick with other girls. European girls also like flowers and therefore don’t be afraid to give you lady flowers once in a while.

 Places where you can meet European girls can be pretty much divided into two parts. The first one is in your local area and the second one is in Eastern Europe. If I were you I would probably stick with local eastern European girls because going to Eastern Europe without knowing a language is not a very smart move especially if you are looking to meet girls. To meet eastern European girls in you are all you have to do is to approach any girl who seems to have European accent. For your approach you can use the standard “Hi, where are you from?” line. After that you can ask more questions on how long she was here, what she does and all other general questions. If you see that the girl is into you, then you can ask for her number or facebook. If she just came here you can offer her to show the city, but the main point is not to sound too desperate or creepy or otherwise you will scare her off. 

It is also a good idea to make friends with eastern European guys and they will invite to all kinds of parties with eastern European girls. This is a very good approach if you are serious about finding eastern European girlfriend for a long term relationship. I know some guys who had success in finding eastern European girlfriends using the dating websites, however most dating websites don’t have many local eastern European girls, because most of them don’t have any trouble finding boyfriends. Dating websites are good for finding eastern European girls who came from Europe 3-10 years ago, unfortunately by that time most of them loose their European values and became similar to American girls.

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