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Tuesday, 21 June 2011 01:11

I know many guys who are interested in dating Japanese girls, but have no idea where to meet or how to approach Japanese girls without looking like a jerk. Japanese girls do have slightly different values from American girls and therefore you have to use a slightly different approach when trying to start a conversation with a cute Japanese girl sitting by herself in your class. First of all Japanese girls expect guys to make the first move and therefore if you are waiting for girls to approach you first, then you might never find a girlfriend. Another problem is that many guys think that Japanese girls are easy and therefore they approach them with a very direct pickup lines and it is not a surprise that those kinds of approaches usually will never get you anywhere. When approaching Japanese girl you need to show her that you are genuinely interested in her and the more indirect approach you will have, the more chances that she will not reject her. Of course you have to use different approaches depending on situation and place. For example the line you use to approach Japanese girls in club will be different from the one you use to approach Japanese girls in your class.

So first of all let’s talk about how to meet Japanese girls? There are really no specific places outside of Japan which have just Japanese girls and therefore the best way to get Japanese girlfriend is by approaching Japanese girls whenever you meet them. However depending on a city, you might have Japan town and if you do then it is definitely a good place to meet Japanese girls. Just go to some Japanese store and when you see a pretty Japanese girl just ask her some question or opinion on something regarding whatever that store sells. She will see that you are not familiar with Japanese products and therefore she will try her best to help you out. While she explaining you something, you need to try to keep conversation going. To do so ask her some personal questions like how come she knows English so well, does she goes to school or plays video games.

Some general thing to remember when trying to pickup Japanese girls is to make sure not to mistake them with other Asian girls. In most cases Japanese girls will get angry if you say that they look Chinese or other way around. Japanese girls do like to dance and therefore clubs are also good places to meet them. However in clubs you will be faced with competition and therefore it is up to you to decide if you can handle it. I know many Japanese girls who date western men and therefore if you try hard you will be able to find Japanese girlfriend in no time.

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