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Saturday, 02 July 2011 02:19
From time to time you might have a great conversation with a girl and it might seem that there is some spark between you two, but when you have to go you wonder what to say to a girl to get her number without looking too desperate.  Most guys kill all the chemistry at this point by making all kinds of lame stories to get girl’s number. The best way to get girl’s number if you already talked with her for a while is by being bold about it and saying something like “I have to go now, but I really liked talking to you and I think we should hang out sometimes, give me your number and I will give you a call when I have time.” The trick here is just to get her number and if you start asking her whether she wants to give it to you or if she wants to meet you later, then she will probably never give the number to you. This happens because most girls are afraid to look promiscuous and if you ask her whether she wants to give her number or not, she will start wondering if she is being too easy. On other hand if you directly ask for her number without asking her opinion, then she will not have any time to think about being promiscuous or easy.

Lack of confidence is the main turn off for women and if you are showing it while asking for number, then you will probably have to go without one.  However if the conversation was quite shallow but you still liked the girl then you might try to get her facebook. This is completely indirect approach and I personally didn’t meet any girls who wouldn’t share their facebook username when asked. If the girl asks why you need her facebook, you can simply say that you like to keep track of all the cool people you meet.

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