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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 05:04
There are many places to meet Chinese girls, however keep in mind that each of those places has Chinese girls, with very different personalities.  What I mean by that is that Chinese girls you meet in a club will have slightly different values and personality versus Chinese girls you meet in a library or museum. All the places I am going to cover will help you to find Chinese girls depending on what kind of girl you are looking for. Some guys like easy going Chinese girls who like to party, while others like more mature Chinese girls, who go to college and are not into clubbing. In my opinion many western guys are attracted to Chinese girls because they look very feminine and usually quite thin.

Top places to meet Chinese girls:

  • Chinese girls in China

Yes, I know very few of you will consider going to China to meet Chinese girls, however if you do you will meet more girls there than you can ever handle in your life. Of course there are some risks associated with going to China, but as a whole it is a very safe country for the tourists and most Chinese girls will be instantly attracted to you. I heard stories that guys were approached 5-10 times by girls when they went clubbing in China. If you are considering marrying a beautiful Chinese girl, then it might be a way to go and trust me it is much better idea than spending your life alone.

  • Chinese girls in nightclubs and bars

If you like clubbing and partying then you should not have any trouble meeting Chinese girls because many of those girls like clubbing as well. I never been to the nightclub without seeing at least 5-20 pretty Chinese girls and many of them are more approachable than western girls. However you should keep in mind that Chinese girls in clubs are more Americanized than the girls you meet in your school, and most of them are just looking for good time and not necessarily for a boyfriend. On positive side Chinese girls in a clubs are easy and will hang out with you as long as you don’t act as a complete jerk.

  • Chinese girls in colleges and universities

Those are the places full of Chinese girls who are smart and want to get a good job. If you are looking to marry a Chinese woman then colleges are the best places to look for one because most of girls there are smart and will have a good job after they graduate so you don’t have to worry about material aspects of marriage.  Many guys make a mistake by marrying a hot girl who is lazy and used to getting everything from everyone. Those girls will sooner or later divorce you and maybe even get half of your money. That is why marrying an educated good looking Chinese girl with a good job is a much better idea.

  • Chinese girls in shopping malls

Shopping malls are full of girls since girls just love shopping and that is especially true for Chinese girls who take a very good care of their appearance. Even though approaching hot Chinese girl in a mall is not as easy as approaching one in a club, you can still get numbers if you do a smooth approach. For example you first ask a cute Chinese girl you meet in a mall about her opinion on a piece of clothing you are about to buy and after that you slowly move conversation to a more intimate direction. Obviously if you see that the girl doesn’t enjoy your company, then just move on to the next one.

  • Chinese girls in coffee shops and food courts

Coffee shops are great places to meet Chinese girls and it is very easy to build some attraction there, because if you sit by the girl you like, you will have 20-30 minutes to talk while she is finishing her drink. The idea here is not to scare her off and to pick up Chinese girls in coffee shops it is a very safe move to start talking about general things such weather, her favourite brand of coffee, what she likes in a city and only after she is comfortable, you can try to talk about more personal matters.

  • Chinese girls in gyms and yoga classes

There are quite a few Chinese girls in gym and even more in yoga classes. Most of those girls are single, because married or the ones in relationship usually don’t bother with keeping up in shape. If you see pretty Chinese girl in a gym you can comment on how flexible or whatever she is and ask how long she is been going here, what exercises she does to train her abs and so on.

  • Chinese girls on dating websites

Dating websites are full of Chinese girls who are too busy to go out or are too shy to approach guys but still want to get a boyfriend. Many Chinese girls on a dating websites will be quite shy and therefore you have to do all the first moves: message her, ask for her number and then of course ask her out.

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