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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 05:46
Top places to meet German girls:
  • German girls in Germany

If you want to meet lots of German girls it is a good idea to travel to Germany. Of course going to Germany is not cheap but if you have money to spend and want to visit a country with unbelievable nightlife, then you should definitely do it. Of course it wouldn’t hurt knowing some basic German, but even if you don’t know any, you shouldn’t have any problems talking to girls there because most of them know English anyways.

  • German girls in nightclubs and bars

Most European girls including German ones like to go clubbing and therefore it is a good idea to look for German girls in a clubs. If you live in a big city, try to find a club which targets European crowd and go there. Most clubs targeting European girls play trance, house and all other sorts of electronic music and if you are not a big fun of it then you might try to meet German girls in other places.

  • German girls in colleges and universities

There are plenty of German girls in colleges and if you don’t have any in your class, then you might ask you friends if they know any German girls. If you want to be more proactive go to food court at your college during lunch and see if there are any girls talking German there. It is very hard to mix German language with any other and even if you do it is not a big deal. To approach two girls speaking German, just politely ask what language they speak, where they are from, what classes they are taking and so on.

  • German girls in shopping malls

Shopping mall is good place to meet German girls and the trick here is to start the conversation with any girl who looks European. Most European girls have highlights and many will wear brand name clothes and have a very slim figure.

  • German girls in coffee shops and food courts

As I said before to meet German girls on a food court all you need to do is to go there when food courts are busy and start conversation with girls who seem German or talk German.

  • German girls in gyms and yoga classes

Yoga classes and gyms are great places to meet German girls because many of them like to keep themselves in shape.

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