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Wednesday, 13 July 2011 06:34

I am sure every guy wants to know why girls are afraid to approach men even though men almost never turn down a good looking girl. There are many reasons why women very rarely approach men or start conversation.

  • Girls are more emotional than guys
Yes girls are much more emotional than guys and if the girl gets rejected it is much harder for her to overcome rejection than for a guy. Many girls when see a hot guy want to approach him but when they start thinking about it their head immediately sends STOP signal. It is a kind of a protective mechanism from brains to protect girl from being rejected and then feeling depressed.
  • Lack of self esteem

Many girls have low self esteem and therefore it is hard for them to just come out to a random guy and start talking to him. Girls are extremely conscious about how they look and therefore even hot girls sometimes feel that they are ugly and they are afraid that the guy will reject them because of the way they look.

  • They don’t want to look easy

Girls are very afraid to look like they are easy, especially in front of their friends. If you been to the club you probably saw a situation, where guy asks a girl to dance and instead of deciding by herself she immediately starts to look for approval from her friends.

  • Social conditioning

From prehistoric times men was expected to make all the first moves such as approach a girls, get her contacts, ask her out and pay for dates. However times are changing and right now many girls have the same job positions and make the same amount of money as guys and therefore it is not fair for a guy anymore to do all the job. Unfortunately in my opinion it will take another 50 years before girls will start approach guys as much as guys approach them.

My advice for all you guys is just get used to the fact that very few girls will approach you and instead start approaching them. Luckily for you, very few guys have enough courage to approach very pretty girls and therefore if you do, she will be definitely wondering how come this guy is so confident.

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