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Sunday, 31 July 2011 03:30
There are many places to meet girls in Sri Lanka, however the main advantage of meeting girls in Sri Lanka instead of your own country is that you don’t really have to worry about rejections at all, because you will never see the girls you approach again. When you go on vacation to Sri Lanka it is all the number game and the more Sri Lankan girls you approach the higher your chances in getting the girl. It obviously helps if you speak at least some Sinhala, but even if you don’t most girls will still be able to understand you because many of them have a basic knowledge of English. Ok, let’s first talk where to go in Sri Lanka to meet lots of Sri Lankan girls. The obvious choices are big cities because those are the places which have a good nightlife and therefore many girls who like to have fun.

Here the list of big cities in Sri Lanka to meet Sri Lankan girls:

Colombo, Moratuwa, Dehiwala, Negombo

Best clubs and bars to meet girls in Sri Lanka

Zanzi Bar Colombo

The Library Club Colombo

The Hut Club Colombo

The Boom Club Colombo

Underground Club Colombo

My Kind of Place Club Colombo

Glow Bar Colombo

Best places to meet girls in Sri Lanka are various parties, clubs and bars. Those are the places were girls go to have fun and most of them don’t mind meeting new people. You will be able easily stand up among local guys, since you are not Sri Lankan and this will help you to attract more girls than you do in your home country.

I am going to share with you a trick which will almost guarantee that you meet more Sri Lankan girls than you can handle. Before you go for vacation to Sri Lanka get a profile on a big dating website and create a nice profile and upload a few cool pictures. After that search for the girls who live in a city you planning to visit and email each. In your message tell the girl that you are going to Sri Lanka and you wondering if she doesn’t mind showing you the city. Obviously not every girl will agree to this but some will and maybe even she will take you out clubbing with her friend if you do a good job with your messages. This way you will make friends in Sri Lanka before even going there.

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