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Saturday, 06 August 2011 02:10
I know quite a few guys who are attracted and only interested in dating skinny girls. It is not really a surprise since almost any magazine is full of articles on how it is important to be skinny. I would be lying if I said that I am not attracted to skinny girls, because most of them are in fact extremely hot, especially if they are skinny because of working out. Meeting skinny girls is not really hard, but will require some work from your side because you might be faced with a stiff competition from other guys.

How to attract skinny girls?

Attracting skinny girls is not different from attracting any other girls. Most girls are attracted to guys who are confident, smart and know how to turn women on. If the girl you are interested in is working out a lot then she is probably attracted to guys who work out as well. Most people are attracted to someone with a similar lifestyle and if the girl follows the healthy lifestyle, then she will probably expect the same from her partner.

Where to meet skinny girls?

Bars – most girls in bars are good looking and slim. If you know how to approach girls and how to make them interested in you then you will not have any problems meeting skinny girls in bar.

Clubs – those places are full of young and gorgeous skinny girls looking to show off their bodies. Most girls will claim that they go to the clubs just to dance and hang out with friends and not to meet guys, however it is not true and most girls in a clubs are in fact looking for guys, though they will never admit it.

College – there are all kinds of girls in the college and most girls are trying to look their best. Therefore if you are still in college then you shouldn’t have any problems meeting skinny girls there.

Gyms – many skinny girls workout and therefore gym is one of the best places to meet those girls.

Beaches – skinny girls like to show off their bodies and therefore they just love beaches and those are the places you should go to meet them.

How to approach skinny girls?

Approaching skinny girls is not different from approaching any other girl. To have a successful approach you need to look confident or otherwise the girls will become intimidated and will look for any excuse to get rid of you. The best way to approach skinny girls is to make complement or ask her opinion. For example you may ask her how often is she working out.

Meet skinny girls online

Most guys are used to idea that all girls online are fat, however it is not true because I personally meet a couple slim girls from dating websites. Meeting girls online is easy because you don’t have to approach anyone and you also don’t need to worry about being rejected. To start meeting girls online you need to join a dating website and create a dating profile. Since you are looking only for skinny girls, mention it in your profile so that you don’t get bothered by all other girls. After you created your profile just start emailing all the girls you are interested in. Obviously you need to spend some time creating a nice message or otherwise you may not get replies, because hot girls get dozens of email from guys every day.

Hot skinny girls

It is not easy to make a hot skinny girl to become your girlfriend because most of them get lots of attention from all kinds of guys. However if you are extremely good with women you should be able to get at least dates with hot girls. Getting a hot skinny girlfriend is not easy, but when you get one your respect among your friend will skyrocket through the roof.

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