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Saturday, 06 August 2011 21:52
Many guys are very interested in dating Sri Lankan girls, but unfortunately it can take some effort to meet and start dating Sri Lankan girls. First problem you may encounter, when trying to get Sri Lankan girlfriend is where to find those girls. If you are not living in a big city you may have serious problems in finding Sri Lankan girls, luckily there are some shortcuts to this and I will talk about them later. Second problem is that Sri Lankan girls have slightly different values from American girls and therefore you will need to change your approach if you want to get the Sri Lankan girls to be interested in you.

How to attract Sri Lankan girls?

Most girls are attracted to the same kinds of guys, such as confident, smart and funny. However there are some differences between various cultures. Sri Lankan girls have strong ties with their families and therefore you have to show her that you appreciate her family as well. Also Sri Lankan girls are not easy and therefore it make some time before Sri Lankan girl you like, agrees to go on a date with you.

Where to meet Sri Lankan girls?

Bars – bars have all kinds of girls including Sri Lankan girls and depending on a night your may encounter a few of them.

Clubs – clubs are always full of hot young women and you should have no problems getting phone numbers in a club. Since you are looking for Sri Lankan girls, it is a good idea to go to clubs which target Indian and Asian crowd and this is where most Sri Lankan girls hang out.

College – if you are in a college ask your friends if they know any single Sri Lankan girls and if they do, then maybe they can hook you up. You will probably first get girl’s number and after that wait at least two days before you call Sri Lankan girl or otherwise you might look too needy or even desperate.

How to approach Sri Lankan girls?

How you approach Sri Lankan girls will depend on a place you meet them. If you meet Sri Lankan girl in a school, you can just ask her for help with something or if she wants to study together for the test. If you meet Sri Lankan girl a club you have to use more direct approach, because you don’t have much time to get to know her and if you don’t get her number, then you will probably never see her again.

Meet Sri Lankan girls online

Probably the best place to meet pretty Sri Lankan girls is online because almost every dating website has a filter which allows you to search people based on age, race and many other personal traits. Another benefit of online dating is that you don’t really have to face any rejections and it is much cheaper because you don’t have to pay any cover charges, like you do when you go clubbing. After you joined a dating websites, you will need to create a dating profile and upload a couple of photos of yourself. Number of Sri Lankan girls you meet online will depend on the city you live in and how creative are the messages you send to girls.

Hot Sri Lankan girls

If you are looking to meet extremely hot Sri Lankan girls, then you will need to spend more time because you might be faced with stiff completion from other guys. Fortunately there is nothing impossible in this world and therefore if you are willing to sacrifice some of your time and start thinking outside the box you can easily find a hot Sri Lankan girl. The best place to look for hot Sri Lankan girls is on facebook, but it is not going to be as easy as on dating websites because most girls use facebook just to connect with people they already know. Therefore you have to be very creative with the messages you send to girls on facebook or otherwise they will just ignore you.


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