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Sunday, 07 August 2011 06:27

Almost every sinle guy I know is extremely attracted to Asian American girls and in this article I am going to talk how you can make one of those girls to become your girlfriend. There are some people, who say that having a girlfriend is not really important, but face it - once in while you do feel lonely and having girlfriend can take you loneliness away in seconds. Not having girlfriend can be very depressing especially, when all your friends do. If you don’t have a girlfriend, because you are not good with women, I recommend you to read Double Your Dating book, which has everything you need to know to become as good with girls as your friends or even better. 

There several steps you need to take before you will be able to start dating Asian American girls. First of all you need to find those girls and the best places to meet Asian American girls are clubs, bars, colleges and various Asian restaurants. Asian American girls usually like clubbing and therefore there are plenty of them in a clubs and if you a club person, then you should not have any problems meeting them there. When you meet girls in a clubs it is always a good idea to get girl’s number and call her later.  If you do get a number from Asian American girl, wait for a couple of days before calling her or otherwise she might perceive you as too desperate or needy.

Asian American girls are attracted to guys who are confident, smart and can make them laugh. If you are not really confident with girls then you will have trouble keeping them attracted to you, but don’t worry about it because with practice you will become much better very soon. The best way to approach Asian American girls is to ask them some question or opinion on something. If you meet girls on the street, many of them will be unwilling to give you their phone numbers and therefore it is a good idea to ask facebook username of Asian American girl you just met instead of number. Most girls don’t mind sharing their facebook usernames and I never encountered a girl who wouldn’t share her facebook info after we talked for a while.

Another good place to meet cute and young Asian American girls is online. Most girls are very technologically savvy nowadays and have a dating profile and therefore it is a good idea for you to get one as well.After you joined a dating website you will need to create a nice profile and upload a couple of photos. Most guys fail in meeting Asian American girls online because they are not creative enough and email girls with messages like “hey, what up?” and it usually never works. For you to get a reply, you need to spend some time reading girl’s profile and see what she likes before emailing her.

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