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Sunday, 07 August 2011 23:20

Here are some random questions you can ask girls online, just solely based on their profile picture:

1) This place looks so familiar, where is that?

2) Nice architecture, is that somewhere in Greece?

3) You look gorgeous in this black dress, where did you get it?

4) You look European, where are you from?

5) Did you go there with your friends or your ex?

6) I like girls who wear heals, do you always wear heals or only while you are on vacation?

7) Does the bracelet on your hand has any special meaning or is it just a piece of jewellery you wear to attract guys?

8) When did you go to that place?

9) You look very photogenic; did you try to be a model?

10) What did you do at that place?

11) Did you go there for any special occasion or just for fun?

12) You have a very sexy facial expression; did you do it to tease all the guys on this dating website?

13) On this photo you look like a party girl, do you like going clubbing?

14) What other places did you travel to?

15) You look very athletic, are you playing any sport or do you do yoga?

16) You face look very mysterious on this photo, what did you think about while posing for it?

17) How much attention do you get from guys?

18) What do you look for in a partner?

19) Do you go for looks or character?

20) When was the last time you been in love?

21) Do you believe in love from first sight?

22) Do you have any other hobbies besides traveling?

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