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Monday, 08 August 2011 06:02

If you have trouble meeting South American girls, then you came to the right place and in this article I am going to talk about where to meet them, how to approach and finally how to make South American girl to become your girlfriend.

First of all let’s talk about what South American girls find attractive in guys. Most South American girls are attracted to guys who are smart, confident, funny and take a good care of themselves.  You don’t need to have an extremely high paying job or look like Brad Pitt to get South American girls, but you need to have some ambitions and goals for the future. Guy without any goal for the future is the complete turn off for the girls, so make sure that something is going on for you career-wise.  Next question you probably have is where to meet South American girls?

The best places to meet South American girls are clubs, bars, colleges, malls, beaches, parks and any other place that has women. It is easy to meet South American girls in a club and there are usually plenty of them there, especially if you go to some Latina or salsa club. To meet South American girls in a club just say hi to girl you find attractive and asks if she wants to dance or just start talking about some random funny stuff. What you say doesn’t really matter as long as you have a good body language and don’t act too creepy.  After you about to leave the club try to get the phone number of the South American girl you just met and give her a good kiss before leaving.  Before you call South American girl you met in club, it is always a good idea to wait for at least one day or she might think you are too desperate.

Another good place to meet South American girls is online. To meet girls online you will need to join a dating website and create a decent profile to stand out among other guys. After that all you have to do is start emailing all the South American girls, which you find attractive. You can also try meeting South American girls on facebook, but it will usually require more work from you side, because most girls on a facebook are only willing to connect with people they already know and therefore I usually recommend to stick with online dating websites.

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