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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 06:50
There are many cute Canadian girls and if you are into dating Canadian girls then you came to the right place. To be able to get a Canadian girlfriend you need to have some kind of plan and if you came here I will assume that you don’t have a plan or the one you have doesn’t work that well. Anyways let’s talk about what you need to find a Canadian girlfriend. First of all you need to meet Canadian girl, then you have to approach her and only after that you will have a chance to demonstrate how cool you are and get her attracted to you. Most guys usually stuck on the second phase (approaching) of getting girlfriend and then they wonder how come they don’t have one. Here are the news, if you afraid to approach women, then you will have serious problems in finding a girlfriend.

The best places to meet Canadian girls are bars, clubs, colleges, malls, parks and coffee shops. Clubs usually have easy Canadian girls and you usually don’t have to work really hard to get a phone number from a girl in a club. The problem with clubs is that it is not a best place to look for a girlfriend, since most Canadian girls in clubs are not looking for any type of attachment. However if you did get number from Canadian girl, then you should call her, because there are always exceptions for every rule and there are some nice girls who go clubbing.  To approach girls in a club just use the general “hi” and ask if she wants to dance. If the girl rejects you, don’t worry about it and just find another one and since there are dozens of hot and young Canadian girls in a clubs you should get positive response from at least some girls.

Another good place to meet Canadian girls is online and there are two ways to do so. First one is using online dating website. Meeting Canadian girls on dating sites is not really hard, but unfortunately the quality of women can be quite low and therefore you will have to spend some before you will be able to find the one, which will worth your time. Another way to meet Canadian girls online is using facebook.There are thousands of pretty Canadian girls on facebook, but meeting them there is much more difficult than on a dating website, since girls usually use facebook to chat with friend and no to meet guys. If you decide to use facebook to meet Canadian girls, you should write very creative messages or otherwise girls will just ignore you.

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