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Sunday, 21 August 2011 03:10
I am sure every guy wondered once in a while about how to find easy girls. I also have to warn you that most easy girls are not of a girlfriend type of material and therefore if you are looking to find a girlfriend you should look for some other girls. However there is nothing more fun than hanging out with easy girls. Those are the girls who don’t really care what other think and they just want to party and have fun. The best place to find easy girls are clubs, bars and various college parties. The best way to figure out how easy is the girl is by looking at how much clothes she is wearing. Most girls who are easy usually wear very little clothing and showing lots of skin because they are trying to get as much attention as possible form guys and other girls.

To approach girls in a club just smile, come to the girl and ask how she is doing. If she likes you she will usually smile back and say something. After that just continue talking about fun topics like favourite drinks, artists, places to go out and her hobbies. If everything goes well you can later ask her to dance but don’t do too much touching at the beginning or you will scare her because even easy girls don’t like to look like they are in fact easy. Another place to meet girls in a club is directly on a dance floor and to do so just start dancing close to the girl you like. If you see that she is not moving away, grab her by the waist and see how she reacts. In most cases girl will just start dancing with you if she finds you at least slightly attractive and if her girlfriends don’t take her away from you.

Most girls on dating websites will be more than willing to go on a date with you as long as you don’t sound like a guy who is living in his mom’s basement and doesn’t have a car.  I am not sure if you heard but when attracting girls your looks don’t really matter much and that is why completely ugly dudes can end up with stunningly hot women.  Women are more attracted to power and money, luckily if you are confident most girls will unconsciously think that you must be extremely popular, powerful or rich. Therefore all that matters in attracting any kind of girls is how confident you are.

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