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Monday, 22 August 2011 06:03
You will be faced with many challenges if you are trying to find girls for dating but you don’t have a good plan which will help you to accomplish this goal. To find and attract girls you need to be: confident, social and able to talk about subjects that turn women on. If you freeze when you are trying to start conversation with girl, it means that you might benefit from some extra confidence. Being confident is very crucial because if you never approach a girl or make a first move you will usually always end up spending weekends alone. I am sure you familiar with situation when you had a crush on a girl and couldn’t found a courage to ask her out or in worse case maybe some other guy who is complete jerk asked her out and later they started dating.

You also will benefit from being social because this will allow you to meet lots of people and some of those people will be single girls, who are looking to find somebody for dating. If during the party you feel left out then you might also need to become more social. Many guys luck confidence and social skills and it keeps them away from getting girls. However even smaller number of guys are aware about what to say to a girl to turn her on. The funny thing is that all the skills (social, confidence, knowing what to say to a girl) are interconnected and if you strong at least in one of them you will be able to find a girlfriend in no time.  The problem is that many guys end up being lonely until they are 60 years old and you will probably doubt this and I guess you can become one of those guys unless you start acting now. I mean it is going to be quite sad to be 60, look back into your youth ages and understand that you could have so much fun but now it is too late.  In other words all I am trying to say is that if you don’t act now then you will most like feel really bad about it later.

Since confidence, social skills and knowing how to turn girls on are all interconnected the best way to become good with girls is to learn all those things as soon as possible. I know quite a few guys who were completely nerds and clueless about women but later they become the best lady men I ever saw.

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