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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 02:17
There are many places where to meet girls, but as you already know in some places it is much easier to pick up girls than in others. The easiest places to meet girls are various parties, clubs and bars but you probably already guessed that most of the girls in those places are not looking for anything serious. That is why if you are looking to find a long time girlfriend good places to meet those girls are colleges, various social events, parks, gym, yoga classes and etc.

Anyways here is the list of the places to meet girls:

  • Clubs – yes clubs probably the easiest places to meet girls because that is where they go to have fun and meet guys. Obviously clubs are not for everyone, since some guys are not very comfortable in approaching a random girl and asking her to dance and as you know this innocent dance can quickly lead to a heavy touching and after that everything can happen if you know what I mean. What I like about the clubs is that you can go there alone and meet many new girls and guys in no time and nobody really caress that you came alone.
  • Bars - bars are similar to clubs and the only difference is that in bars you can actually talk to a girl. So if you are social person and know how to make girls laugh, then bars are definitely the places where you want to go to meet girls. However if you are not a good talker but you still like to party I would stick to the clubs, because there you don’t really have to talk to attract girls.
  • Colleges and Universities – in my opinion those are the best places to find a long-time girlfriend. In college you have plenty of time to see girl’s true character and this will prevent you from falling in love with someone who doesn’t really care about you and just wants to use you for something. If you date college girls from your major, then it is very probable that you will have similar interests and hobbies and this will help you to build even stronger bond between you two.
  • Malls – I like malls because there are always hundreds of extremely hot girls there. Obviously approaching girls in malls is going to be harder than in clubs or bars, but you can still get dates with girls you meet in the mall. The best approach in mall is to ask girl’s opinion on something you are “about to buy”.
  • Parks – there are many pretty girls in parks playing games, jogging and reading. It is not hard to start a conversation with girls in a park because most of them are relaxed and don’t really mind if you approach them as long as you have something to talk about.
  • Coffee shops – most girls go there to relax and socialize so it is a good environment to approach them.
  • On a train/bus/plane – there are always hot girls when you are traveling to school/college/work and therefore it is a good idea to approach them because they are probably bored and want somebody to talk to them.
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