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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 05:25
Probably every guy in the world wants to know how to approach girls and make them interested in him without facing any stiff rejection. There is no 100% working formula, but I am going to tell some secret tricks you can do to significantly increase the number of successful approaches. The guys who are successful in approaching girls are either extremely handsome or know the signals which girls send, when they like a guy and want him to approach them. Additionally to that, there is also an indirect approach where you just approach a girl you are attracted to with some kind of question or asking her opinion on something. I will assume that you are average looking guy and I will start describing how you can figure out if the girl wants you to approach her and this knowledge will significantly increase you rate of success.

Those signs mean that the girl is interested in you and you can safely approach her:

  • She keeps an eye contact with you for more than 10 seconds and when she breaks it, she stares directly down.
  • The girl winks or smiles at you (this must be obvious unless you are wearing some strange costume).
  • The girl enters you personal space and stays there for awhile
  • When the girl notices you she adjusts her posture/exposes her leg/slightly opens legs.
  • She starts to play with her hair

Indirect approaches

  • Ask the girl opinion on something
  • Ask about direction ( where is the best club/restaurant/cafe)
  • Make a complement on what she is wearing (clothing, jewellery, hairstyle)

I personally think that it is best to avoid the pickup lines because if you are confident and you saw the signs I described, then what is the point to hide your true intentions? I can guarantee you that the girl already knows that you interested in her, after you started talking to her. That is why it is best to be honest and try to show her that you are just a fun social guy who is looking for new friends. Also you should avoid sounding desperate or needy, because this can make girl think that you are creepy. After you talked with a girl for awhile, just tell that you need to go before she does, and say something like “I am sorry, but I need to go, I wish we could talk more, how about you give me your number and I will call you when I get some free time.” Not every approach is going to be successful because some girls have boyfriends, shy or just not in a mood and therefore don’t take it personally if you get rejected. I am sure that a good hot girlfriend worth more than ten rejections, so keep up approaching girls until you find the one which makes your world spin around.

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