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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 21:25
I am sure that almost every guy wants to know how to attract girls and there are very few guys, who actually know how to do it. In this article I am going to show you some tricks that will help you significantly in magnifying the attraction between you and the girl you like. First of all let’s talk about three main things that universally attract girls: power, money and confidence. The most important from those three is confidence because if you are confident many girls will subconsciously think that you must either have powerful social circle or you must have lot’s of money, since they need to figure out for themselves how come you are average looking guy, but you are acting so confidently.

However to make a girl attracted to you more deeply, you need to connect to her on an emotional level. The guy doesn’t need to feel emotional attraction between him and a girl, because most guys only care about the girl’s looks and not her personality. The girls on other hands are more interested in personality and how you can make them feel emotionally exited. That is the reason why girls like romance, but guys hate it. It also explains why girls like cuddling, walking along the beach, romantic dinners and walking under the moon; however most guys try to stay away from those things. Anyways what I am saying is that you need to be able to communicate with her on an emotional level if you are looking to find a true girlfriend. To do so try having conversations with her about happy memories, her childhood, places she wants to travel, her desires and so on. Very few guys are able to have deep conversations with girls and if you become good at it, you will be far ahead of all the completion and nobody will be able to steal your girl.

Here is a plan how to attract girls:

  1. Act confidently around girls.
  2. Don’t be afraid to touch a girl.
  3. If you had a date, give girl a kiss or at least a hug at the end.
  4. If the girl is less than 7/10 on a beauty scale, don’t be afraid to give her complements on the way she looks.
  5. If the girl is really hot (looks better than 7/10), you can complement on her taste, what she is wearing and so on, but not on the way she looks.
  6. Have deep conversations with girls about love, desires, feeling, goals and so on.
  7. Don’t be afraid to take girl for a walk along the beach or look at the stars. It might sound lame from guy’s point of few but for girls it is extremely romantic.
  8. And my last advice is to read Double Your Dating, which contains very powerfull stuff, that will significantly increase the number of girls interested and attracted to you.
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