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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 22:16

Every year more and more guys are starting to use internet to meet girls online and obviously there are some good reasons for that.

Here is the list of advantages of meeting girls online

Cheap – yes online dating is cheap, because you don’t have to pay any cover charges, buy girls drinks or buy drinks for yourself just to show that you are enjoying the place.

Quick – meeting girls online is very good way to avoid wasting time, because you don’t really have to go anywhere and you can actually do something else at the same time while you are chatting with girls online.

Safe – yes meeting girls online is much safer than going to the bar full of drunken guys ready start a fight for any stupid reason. Also when online, you don’t get to meet girl’s angry boyfriend as you would do if you tried to pick up her offline. You will also be able to talk with a girl over the phone before meeting her and this will allow you to decide if she is someone you want to go on a date with.

Emotionally safe – you don’t really have to face any rejections when meeting girls online and if you are a shy type of guy, then online dating is the way to go.

Anyways let’s talk about online dating in general and how you can you get all the benefits of it in less than one hour. The first step in meeting girls online is to find a good dating website that has many girls and doesn’t charge lots of money for its services.

After you join a dating website, you will be asked to create a dating profile. Dating profile has two components to it: about me part and photos. Both parts are very important factors which will determine how many girls will be replying to your messages and actually going on a dates with you. To create a great “about me” part, try to sound like you are a fun confident guy. To do so talk about your hobbies, goals and what kind of girl you are looking for. After that find a few good photos that show you doing something fun and exciting and upload them on your profile.

Then the most important part is writing messages to girls. To make girls interested in you try to write creative and unique messages. If you have trouble writing messages, check out our free collection of sample dating messages.

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