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Wednesday, 24 August 2011 23:36
There is a slight difference between meeting hot girls and an average looking girls. That is why you need to use a different approach to meet hot girls. Hot girls are getting constant attention from guys and therefore they are used to rejecting guys because they just can’t go on a date with every guy who asks them out. Those girls developed a special shield which protects them from all the pickups from guys and to attract hot girls you need to get around this shield. There are two ways to do so and each is useful depending on the situation. The first one is called neg theory and the second one is connecting with hot girls on an emotional level.

The neg theory was developed by pick up artists to meet hot girls in clubs or on parties. Negs are the statements which you tell to a girl, that make her feel self conscious and therefore she lowers her expectations. One example of a neg is:

You: I like your blue eyes, are they natural or do you wear contacts?

Hot girl: No those are contacts

You: What a shame, but I guess they still look beautiful

You have to remember that with negs you are trying to show hot girl that she is not flawless, but make sure that your negs don’t sound as insults. Insulting any girl will just show that you are insecure and besides that most hot girls have emotional shield, I talked about, which protects them from all the insults they get from guys whom they reject. Negs should be used only on hot girls, because they have very high self esteem. Average looking girls don’t have a strong emotional shield and if you try to use negs on them, you will just hurt their feeling and this is something you don’t want to do.

Another way to get around emotional shield hot girls have is to connect with them on a deep emotional level. To so you need to make hot girl comfortable around you and you need to talk with her about deep topics such as love, desires, goals and so on. Most hot girls don’t have many deep conversations with guys because most guys just want to sleep with them. This will also show hot girls that you understand them and they will want to spend more time with you because you are the only guy who understands their feeling. As you already guessed, as soon as girl opens emotionally, her shield will immediately disappear.

It might come as a surprise to you but hot girls are not different from all other girls. They also want to find a nice guy who will treat them and take care of them. However they have to keep all bad guys who just want to sleep with them away and that is why they have emotional shield, which hides their true feelings from an outside world.

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