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Sunday, 04 September 2011 04:58

Do you have a crush on a girl, but not sure how to find out if the girl likes you and whether she has the same feelings for you? Yes I know how it can be painful to spend days after days saying to yourself that you will ask your girl out but never finding enough nerves to do so. The best way to stop this endless and useless loop of waiting is to find out if the girl likes you and if she does you will feel more confidently about asking her out.  However finding out if the girl likes you can be quite hard because many girls play hard to get and will never admit that they have a crash on you. Fortunately there is a way to find out if the girl likes you without even asking her.

The best and most reliable way to find out if the girl likes you is by observing her behaviour and body language. Here is the list of things you should pay attention to:

  • She smiles with relaxed face showing her upper and lower teeth.
  • She gazes into your eyes for long periods of time and when she breaks eye contact she looks down.
  • She plays with her hair, necklace or any other small objects when around you.
  • She sits with her legs open or reveals her thigh.
  • She exposes her palm and wrists.
  •  She matches your body language, speech or some of your words.
  • She plays with her shoes

If you see any of the signs above it usually means that the girl is interested in you and you can turn her into your girlfriend.

To find out if the girl actually has crush on you, it is important to watch how she acts around you. Here some of the girl’s behaviours you should pay attention to:

  • She asks what you are doing after class, work or during the weekends.
  • She asks if you can help her with homework, paper or whatever even though she is getting higher marks than you in class.
  • She becomes jealous when you talk or hang out with other girls.
  • She always seem to incidentally bump into you.
  • She asks if you can wait for her after school or work to walk home together if you live close to each other.
  • In class or workplace she talks to you more than to other guys or girls.
  • She touches you more than other people.
  • She talks with you about deep topics such as dreams, feelings or ambitions.

 The chick list I gave you above will help you to find out if the girl likes you. The most difficult step in dating process is asking girl out, because everyone is afraid to be rejected. The signs I gave you above will significantly decrease the chances of being rejected. Unfortunately even if the girl likes you, she might still reject you depending on you approach because girls are not logical. To increase your chances in getting a girl even further read Double Your Dating guide which covers all the steps you need to take to convert you crush girl into your girlfriend. That book cost about $20 but it worth every penny of it. You can probably still get a girlfriend without Double Your Dating book but the problem is that some other guy who read that book and likes your girl he will be able to steal your girlfriend without any problems from you. Dating is not really fair and there are many guys who are more than willing to date you girl and this is especially true if she is very good looking.

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