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Monday, 05 September 2011 06:05

Many guys complain that they can’t find a girlfriend and there are many reasons why you should actually be concerned that you don’t have one, especially if you are older than 30 years old. Not having a girlfriend can become a serious problem as you grow older and here is the list of the reason why not having a girlfriend can have serious effects on all aspects of your life:

  • You don’t have someone who can comfort you, when you are depressed.

  • Your friend may feel weird asking you out with their girlfriends if you don’t have one yourself.

  • There is nothing worse than being stuck in a situation when your friend starts making out with his girlfriend while you are sitting alone, not knowing if you should wait or just leave.

  • Not having girlfriend may start affect other parts of your life and how people perceive you.

  • Finally it might have negative effect on your health because it is not natural to spend your live alone without having a girlfriend or a wife.

There are hundreds of other reason why not having girlfriend is not really cool, but I guess you already know that and therefore let’s look at the most common reasons why some guys are not able to find a girlfriend:

  • If you spend all your time at home or at work and you don’t go out often you will have serious problems in getting girlfriend because you don’t meet any women.

  • You are too shy to approach or ask girls out.

  • You have no idea how to attract and keep girls interested in you.

  • You have low confidence and always rely on a girl when making decisions during dates.

  • You don’t pay attention to your body, clothing or your hair.

The reasons why you can’t find a girlfriend, will allow you to better understand to which areas of your life, you need to start paying more attention. The only way to change yourself and to get a girlfriend is to start acting right now. Don’t waste your time watching TV and instead start trying to fix the things I talked about and this will put you in the front of all other guys, who just follow the crowd and wait for the right girl to come and as you already guessed it is highly unluckily that she will and instead you need to find that right girl yourself.

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