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Tuesday, 06 September 2011 04:47

To start conversation with a girl you need to find something unique about the girl or an environment where you meet her. You can also start a conversation with a girl by directly indicating your interest in her. First let’s talk about indirect approach where you notice something unique about the girl or place. Let’s assume the girl wears a cool hat. To start conversation in this case you can say something like “I like your hat”. However it is not enough to get conversation going so after she replies with thanks you, tell her that your friend, brother, sister or whoever else also has the same hat and she reminded you of them. After that you can move to asking her more general questions like where is she going or ask her if she is into art or whatever. She wears a strange hat so it is very possible that she is studying or working in some creative field and even if she doesn’t most girls enjoy art and other creative stuff, so she will probably come up with some long answer about how she used to draw when she was younger and then stopped or whatever. The point is to get her talking and this will make her more comfortable with you. After the girl is comfortable, you can ask her more personal and intimate questions.


Here is the list of things to look for in girls which will allow you to come up with some kind of approach:

  • Clothing – does she wear anything unique.
  • Jewellery- you can complement pretty much on everything.
  • Cell phone/mp3 player/other electronics – ask her where she bought it, how reliable it is, tell her that you have the same and you really like it and etc.
  • Tan – complement the girl on her tan and ask where did she get it, if she says that she traveled south you will have plenty of topics to talk with her.
  • Accent – if the girl talked on a phone and you heard that she speaks different language or has an accent you can ask her where is she from, when she came here, how she likes it here and so on.

The same goes for environment, talk about weather, restaurants, nightlife, places to see in a city and etc.

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