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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 04:36
Many guys have trouble in figuring out how to get a girl to notice and become interested in them. Obviously to make yourself noticeable you need to stand out from all other guys and to do so there are a couple of tricks that you can implement. First of all you can get girls to notice you by changing your physical appearance. To standout physically:

  • Start working out – girls like guys who have a nice body.
  • Get new and cool clothes – girls will notice that you have a good taste in fashion and this will increase your chances in getting girls interested in you.
  • Get a new haircut - when girls first see a guy they immediately look at his face and having a great haircut will definitely increase your chances in attracting girls.
  • Take care of your teeth - girls will never want to kiss you if you have yellow teeth.
  • Change your posture- when walking keep your head up and walk like your own the place.

The next way to get girls to notice you is by changing how you act around girls. Girls are attracted to confident guys and to make them notice and become interested, you need to try to show that you are confident through the way you act. Here is the list of behaviour changes you might want to do to become more attractive to girls:

  • Have a good eye contact – when you meet a girl, try to get an eye contact with her and if she seems to be interested in you-smile.
  • Shake hands – when you meet a new girl give her a gentle handshake and try to hold her hand for at least 20 seconds.
  • Take up space – when sitting or standing; try to take up as much space as possible to show that you are a dominant man.
  • Get girls jealous- try to make as many friends with girls as possible, it doesn’t even matter if they are not intimately interested in you. When a girl sees that you always hang out with various girls, she will sooner or later became interested in you, since it looks like every other girl enjoys your company for some reasons.

The third way to standout is by learning some cool skill and becoming extremely good in it, so that nobody would be able to challenge you in that area. Here is the list of things you might want to look into:

  • Play sport-become very good in one of the sports and it will definitely make you noticeable by girls.
  • Become good in class - girls are attracted to guy who always gets a great marks and some will even ask him to hang out and study together and this will obviously give you many opportunities to find a girlfriend.

The main point of this article is that to get girls to notice you, try to find some positive thing that will allow you to stand out among other guys and after that it is guaranteed that you will get more women’s attention than you can possibly handle.

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