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Tuesday, 13 September 2011 05:20

If you want to know how to find a girlfriend in high school and become more popular among other guys, then you came to the right place. Not having girlfriend while in high school is not really fun and I am going to show you how to get one in no time. I am sure you once wanted to find a girlfriend, but you probably got rejected a couple of times.  So now you probably feel that if you try to ask another girl you will get rejected or maybe she will even tell all her girlfriends about you. While many of your friends seem to have no problems getting girlfriends, you seem to be always finding it challenging. BUT does it have to be this way and what is the secret to finally finding a girlfriend in high school? I mean don’t you want to have a pretty looking girl who will always care about you and go on a dates with you or just sit and cuddle with you in her house?

Ok, now I am going to give you the most important lesson and it is going to be about attracting girls.

1) Looks are not very important – we guys can be easily turned on by seeing a pretty girl in tight jeans because we are attracted to what we see. The girls are not so much attracted to what they see and I seriously doubt that many girls will be immediately turned on by a guy in a tight jeans. Therefore when attracting girls it is important to know what to say and how to have a confident body language and that bring us to my second point.

2) Girls are not logical - girls are not turned on by a logical talk. What I mean is that you cannot turn girl on by saying something like let’s get naked. Girls are more turned on, when you give them flowers, tell them a poem or write a song for them. In other words you have to describe them how good it is going to feel when you go back to you place, instead of directly being open about it.

3) Don’t listen to what she says, but instead focus on her actions - if the girl says that she doesn’t want to go out with you but she can’t keep her hands of you, then just grab her hand and say come on let’s go. If she says that she is not sure if she wants to go or not, just look her deep into her eyes, grab her hand and say let’s go.  There is a significant difference between what the girl says she wants and between what she ACTUALLY wants.

Those three simple points will simplify your dating life a lot. Some other things that will increase your chances in finding girlfriend in high school are confidence, good sense of humour and obviously you also need to pay attention to your physical health and what you are wearing.

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