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Monday, 10 October 2011 20:02
Eye contact is extremely important when flirting with a girl and trying to get her interested in you. Flirting is all about trying to make other person think that you are interested in them without directly stating it. Girls just love flirting because that allows them to hit on guys without looking promiscuous and therefore you need to learn how to flirt if you want to be successful with women. As you already know the most important tool in flirting is eye contact. Eyes are able to transmit all your emotions to other person and they also rarely lie. When we are excited and with someone we attracted, our pupils will dilate and it will have extremely powerful emotional effect on other person. When the girl sees your dilated eyes she will subconsciously feel that attraction and in most cases she will also become more attracted to you that is what really sparks the love between two people.  Eye contact can also transmit other feelings and some of them can be completely opposite to love. For example look at the eye contact two UFC fighters have before the fight.

If you want to flirt you don’t even have to say anything to the girl, just look deeply into her eyes and if she says something just smile. After that she will most likely start flirting back at you. Some ways to flirt with girls are:

  • Use exaggerations
  • Tell her that your friend thinks that she has a nice body and after that start talking about what parts of her body she likes the most
  • Talk to her like to your younger sister
  • Change the frame and start talking to her like she is your guy friend. Tell her that she has a firm muscles on her arms, touch it, say that she must be working out a lot and ask whether guys are staring on her while she is in gym

I know it may sound quite strange for you, but girls have slightly deferent logic and it is working on them. The point is to move conversation to slightly sexual topics without directly saying to a girl that you are physically or mentally attracted to her.  After that she will become very excited and with lots of eye contact it can be quite a fun conversation.

Most guys are not able to get a girlfriend because they always talk about things like work, school, sport and other technical stuff but the girls like topics which make them emotionally exited. If you are able to make girls emotionally exited they will think that there is a spark between you two, and I bet you that they will start chasing you like crazy even if you are not extremely rich or handsome.

It is not easy to switch from the guy who always talks about boring stuff like I mentioned before (sports, work, school) to the one who talks about topics which drive women crazy and therefore the best way to switch is to start practising with random girls you meet. From my experience the best way to meet random girls to practice your flirting skills is online. Just register at a good dating website and you will have hundreds of girls to practice your flirting skills and become the guy who can make any girl he meets to become his girlfriend.

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