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Thursday, 13 October 2011 06:08

Lately I was very successful meeting women on a couple of free Canadian dating websites and therefore I decided to put all the techniques I use to get up to 3 dates per week.  I usually prefer to meet girls in a clubs but lately I got tired going to clubs and I decided to see if I will be able to get dates from online dating websites. I knew quite a few guys who were quite successful online and therefore I decided to check the online dating scene myself. First of all I found a free dating website, here is the one I used: Meet girls online now!, after that I created a nice dating profile and uploaded some pictures.

Anyways let’s talk about what you need to do to help you stand out among all other guys. First of all it is very important to upload a good picture of yourself so that the girl will see that you are a normal guy with a decent body. After that comes the most important part - writing about me part. The trick here is to be different from all other guys. Most guys on dating websites write about partying, sport and their boring work and some even write that they live in their parent’s basement and nobody wants to date them. Dating profile is not the place to put all the negative stuff about you even if it is truth because it only makes you sound desperate. What you need to write about is how exciting your life is and how the girl who reads your profile may become part of it if she possesses such and such qualities.

The next important step to get a date from a dating website is to message the girls you like. To make sure that you get replies from the girls, you need to read what girls write in their profile and based on that information you need to write message to them. Girls get dozens of messages from guys per day but most of them are extremely lame and poorly written and that is why it is very easy to grab girl’s attention if you write a nice message. In your message sound exciting and write something that can grab girl’s attention. For example: “I really like girls who play “whatever” because they have a nice body from all this “whatever” but unfortunately after dating a few I found out that most of them a quite shallow. You seem to be different from all other girls and if I am right I think we should get to know each other better.”  This example is formulated so that the girl’s only choice is to write you back or otherwise she has to agree that she is shallow. Anyways my final advice for you is to write to as many girls as possible and don’t take all the rejections seriously, because if you get rejected it is very like that there is something wrong with a girl and not you.

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