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Friday, 14 October 2011 20:31

Every guy wants to date attractive girls because it boosts his self esteem and it also nice to have a good looking girl when you are feeling down or depressed. Dating attractive girls is not hard but it does take some skills and confidence. A few years ago I decided that I am fed up with dating average looking girls and I decided to see if I can get an extremely good looking girlfriend. The first thing I did was start going to the gym and getting a new clothes and haircut. I mean you do need to stand out among all other guys because attractive girls can get almost any guy they want and therefore you need to look unique. After that I started reading all dating advices I could find to make sure I don’t face many rejections, since attractive girls are being constantly hit by guys.

Anyways after working on myself I decided it is time to actually get a hot girlfriend. I still didn’t have enough courage to approach attractive girls on a street and therefore I decided to start with dating websites. This way I didn’t have to face rejections and I had all time in the world to think over the responses I was sending to the girls. I did spend some time trying to find dating website, but finally I found one which looked quite decent and had many decent looking girls from my area.At the beginning I emailed a few girls but got nowhere. Later I found out that I did two critical mistakes: I didn’t read girl’s profile before emailing them and the second mistake was that I emailed only a few girls. Fortunately it took me less than a week to figure out why I was not getting replies and after that the number of girls who wanted to meet up skyrocketed. There is a myth going around that only fat girls use online dating but it is not true because I personally met quite a few good looking ones as well.

To date attractive girls the three things you need are confidence, knowledge how to talk to women and of course you also need to know where are the best places to meet those girls. Gaining confidence takes time and the best way to become very confident is to practise a lot. Start with online dating websites and after you are comfortable talking to girls online, move on to the places like bars and clubs. Gaining dating skills is only possible if you practice a lot so turn off the computer, go outside and try to struck conversation with as many girls as possible. If you spend some time on improving yourself you will not have any problems getting an attractive girlfriend.

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