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Thursday, 03 November 2011 05:42

It is not a secret that most guys have no idea what to talk about with girls online. It is not easy to come up with topics to about with a girl you barely know. That is why it is very important to read girl’s profile before contacting her because this will allow you to find out what that girl is into and it is always much easier to start talking to a person if you know what are his hobbies and what kind of interest that person has. Anyways here I will list some of the topics which will help you with talking to girls you meet online.

  • Talk about what she likes – ask what is her favourite music, movie, song, place to travel and etc. After she comes up with answer, ask why she like it and then start asking some specific questions about the topic you are discussing. For example if the girl you are talking to, said that she likes Twilight, you can ask her why she likes it. Then ask her what actors if any she liked from the movie and why. The idea here is to make her to talk and after that all you need to do is just to ask questions related to what she is telling you about and this is a very good way to find out about the personality of the girl you are interested in.
  • Ask about her childhood - remembering childhood almost always brings up good emotions and if you are the one talking to the girl, then she will associate those emotions with you. Ask her what is the most memorable experience she had while she was growing up? What was her favourite toy and why she liked it and so on.
  • Ask about her dreams - let her talk about things she is passionate about so that you know how to surprise her if you start dating her later. Ask what her dream job is and why she wants it? Ask what she would do if she had 3 wishes? Ask her what she would do, if she won a lottery.
  • Ask her about romance - that is a nice topic to talk about if you want to find out what kind of guy she is looking for?  Ask her what is her ideal mate? Ask if she believes in love from the first sight and if she ever fell in love from the first sight.
  • Ask her general questions about relationships - it is much easier to ask girl on a romantic date if you already talking about relationships. Ask her, how she knows when she is in love? When was the last time she was in love? Did she ever make the first move on a guy?

Most guys never succeed in online dating because they have no idea what to talk about with girls and that is why they end up talking about boring things such as work, football and the stuff they hate. All you need to remember from this article to succeed in online dating or in dating in general is that the girls get more turned on if you talk about juicy topics such as romance and relationships instead of the everyday boring stuff you do.

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