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Sunday, 20 November 2011 03:02

Being shy around girls is one of the reasons why some guys have problems finding a girlfriend and they might stay single this way for a long time until some girl asks them out or they get enough courage to talk to girls. Guys in general are lazy and they will do something only if they expect momentarily results, but unfortunately in most cases you have to spend some time if you want to get a right result. Even the shyest guy in the world can become confident when it comes to dating, but it does take some time and you do need to work on yourself if you want to stop being shy around girls.

Anyways I will assume that you are willing to sacrifice some of you time to stop being shy around girls.

    1.  Is it because you never really had a girlfriend or you just don’t know what to talk about when hanging out with girls? Or maybe you conscious of how you look?

   2.  After you found the reason why you are shy, try to overcome it.

If you are shy around girls, the best way to stop being shy is by practising. To practise, just go to a public place and start approaching random women by asking some general questions or their opinions on something. You don’t need to try to pick them up at this point, because the sole purpose of this exercise is just to get used to approaching girls.

   3.  Practice, practice and practice.

Talk to every girl you meet even if you are not attracted to her because this will help you to be more confident when you meet the girl you actually like. If you have extremely low confidence and you just can’t start approaching girls, I will share with you a trick which will do the magic to help you to start approaching girls.

This trick is well known and it is being used by everyone from professional athletes to politicians. The main idea of a trick is that you visualize the actual approach in your head before you actually do it. This trick is most effective if you first imagine that some actor that is good with women approaches the girl. Try to imagine how he moves and what he says to the girl and how she might react. After that imagine that instead of an actor you are the one who approaches the girl and the same as in last case see how she reacts to your approach. If you do this trick for one week, I am more than sure that you will become more confident and will be able to start talking to girls.

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