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Thursday, 22 December 2011 22:01

It might sound really hard for some guys to just walk up to the girl they like and start talking to her, but if you never do it then some other guy will and she might end up with him. There are two ways to approach any girl: direct and indirect. The direct way is when you approaching a girl and you are letting her know that you are actually hitting on her. The indirect way on other hand is when you approach a girl with some questions or ask for her help with something without implying that you are actually interested in her.

The direct approach will work for you if you believe that the girl is also might be interested in you. The easiest way to find it out is to pay attention to how she acts around you or just ask her friends. There are plenty articles on our website on how to find out if the girl likes you and if you are interested just look around. Obviously approaching a girl and asking her out will require lots of confidence and if you are shy around girls then I think it is a much better idea to use indirect approach.

The indirect approach is extremely safe and can be used to approach any girl, without showing your interest in her.  If you are shy or are not used to approach girls I would go with this approach. Indirect approach can also be used in places where directly asking girl out might be inappropriate for example during the business meetings or in church.  To approach a girl this way you need to come up with some question or ask a girl you are interested for her opinion on something.  For example in college you can approach a girl by asking her about how she did the assignment or if you can borrow her notes and so on. After you started talking to a girl and you see that she is comfortable, you can start talking about more intimate things like hobbies and what she does for fun. While talking you should try to suggest that you should meet sometime over coffee to talk more and in most cases the girl will agree.

Approaching girls might sound hard and dangerous but in reality it is much easier and safer than driving a car. There are thousands of people who get killed or injured while driving a car, but I never heard about someone who was hurt while he was approaching a girl. Obviously you have to use a common sense and stay away from girls who are in a relationship or married because this will just create unnecessarily problems for you and besides that there always enough single girls who are looking for a guy just like you.

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