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Sunday, 25 December 2011 20:16
Very few guys know how to act on a first date to make a girl interested in them instead of showing that they are not different from all other guys she already met. More than fifty percent of first dates never follow up with the second one, because either the girl never replies to your messages or calls after the first date or even worse you don’t even bother calling her anymore because you realise that there is no chemistry between you two even though you really like a girl. Most dates that fail follow this routine and I guess you might be familiar with it:

How to FAIL on the first date

  1. When you meet a girl, you give her a handshake even though you already talked with her for a while and you both know that you are meeting with hopes to find a lover.
  2. Taking her to place where you can’t talk or touch her.
  3. Not knowing what to say during the date or talking about boring topics such as work or school.
  4. Spending all the time during the date thinking when you should kiss her.
  5. Kissing the girl without indicating that you are about to get intimate with her.

Now let’s talk about what you need to do to succeed on your first date:

How to SUCEED on the first date

  1. Give girl a casual hug when meeting her instead of handshake.
  2. Take her to a place that is not very busy and where you can talk and touch her to make a point or give her high fives to make her feel comfortable with you touching her.
  3. Talk about exiting topics like travel, movies or music and then try to switch to more intimate topics, such as what she likes in men or what is her ideal guy and so on.
  4. Just be exited and don’t worry about when you should kiss her or if you should take her home, because everything will flow naturally as long as you are paying attention to your date and you making sure that she actually enjoys the conversation.
  5. After you already touched her a few times (high fives, pinky swear, hugs) and you are about to leave, take her hand and walk outside while holding her hand and if she doesn’t resist, then it is a signal that you can kiss her.

First dates should be fun, but unfortunately many guys put too much pressure on themselves and therefore they act stressed out and this attitude will never make you look attractive or interesting. Instead act like you are an interesting and happy guy and your date will become interested in you.

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