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Sunday, 25 December 2011 21:13
It is not easy to ask your friend to be your girlfriend especially if you have been friends for a while however you can still do it, but will require some work and time. Here are the ten steps to turn your friend into girlfriend:

  1. Stop treating her as a friend – increase the amount of eye contact with her and stare at her whole body once in a while ( it is called intimate gaze) .
  2. Talk about intimate topics and feelings -start talking with her about intimate topics such as love, what she likes in guys and what is her ideal type of men.
  3. Ask her out - after she is comfortable talking with you about intimate topics, ask her to go out for the drinks without giving her a clue that you are intimately interested in her.
  4. Get her emotionally exited – after you get into bar sit close to her and talk more about deep topics such as love, when she was last time in love and how it felt to be in love. After your date is ended, give her a hug and a good eye contact before leaving to indicate that it wasn’t just a friendly chatting.
  5. Take her to a club or party – ask your friend if she wants to go to a party or club and if she already becomes interested in you, she will most likely agree and that is the place to give her a first kiss.
  6. Ask a friend to be your girlfriend - if everything goes well in a club or party, ask her to be your girlfriend and tell her that you been friends for a while and you believe that you will both make a perfect couple.
  7. Give her some time and space to think - if she doesn’t agree, just give her some time but don’t act like you changed your mind because that just might be a test to make sure that you are not just trying to sleep with her.
  8. Bring some romance - after you both agreed to be a couple, start bringing some romance into relationship, like buying her flowers or holding her hands to prove that you are serious about dating her.
  9. Tell friends about your relationship - make sure that all her friends know that you are dating, because after all her friends know that she is dating you, it will be much harder for her to change her mind.
  10. Enjoy your new girlfriend - and remember that this is one relationship that you don’t want to mess up because if you do, you will lose both girlfriend and a friend.
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