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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 01:41
Asking a girl to dance is easy but it does require some courage and skills. Here are the ten steps to ask almost any girl to dance:

1) Learn how to dance – if you want to ask a girl to dance then it is obvious that you need to know how to dance. Girls are extremely attracted to guys who know how to dance and if you don’t mind spending a couple of weeks taking dance classes, your work will pay off big time.

2) Dress appropriately for the club – it is very important to dress the best you can if you want to ask girl to dance without getting rejected because girls are always pressurized by their friends to only accept approaches from attractive guys.

3) Don’t drink more than one drink – there are very few girls who will accept the request for a dance from a completely drunk guy. If you need a drink to relax yourself then you can drink one but don’t do more than that because it will significantly diminish your chances with girls.

4) Start dancing – after you came to the dance floor start dancing for a few minutes to show that you are enjoying the place and you are not only here to meet girls.

5) Try to establish eye contact with a girl – if you get a good eye contact from a girl or maybe a smile then you can safely ask her dance. Unfortunately in clubs it might be hard to get a good eye contact because of the poor lightning, crowd of people and some girls are too shy to look at tre guy they are interested in. In other words getting an eye contact with a girl is a good signal, but it is definitely not a factor deciding if the girl finds you attractive or not.

6) Ask a girl to dance – start dancing closer to a girl and after you are about one meter from her ask her to dance by giving her your hand. In this step it is very important to look confident and try to approach girl from her left side and never approach girls from behind since it will indicate the lack of confidence.

7) See how she reacts– if she agrees to dance then you mission is completed, but if she doesn’t then the last thing you want to do at this point is to feel bad about. If you get rejected, just move on to the other attractive girl you are interested in because there are thousands of reasons why girl might reject you and if you are going to analyse every rejection, then you will never get a girl to dance with you.

8) Don’t get too intimate with girl at the beginning – while dancing with a girl, keep your hands away from her sensitive body parts because this might scare the girl off and she will think that you are just another desperate guy who just looking to hook up with someone.

9) Pay attention to the girl – while dancing pay attention to how girl reacts to your touches and if she seems to be comfortable then it means that she will probably will allow you to kiss her.

10) Kiss a girl – after you danced for a while and you see that the girl is into you, then you can try to kiss her. If you don’t know when to kiss a girl then the safest bet is to ask her if she wants to be kissed, however the smartest move is to try to read her body language. There are plenty of articles on when to kiss a girl or how to read girl’s body language on this website and therefore feel free to read them if you think that you might have problems with the kissing part.

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