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Saturday, 21 January 2012 05:10

It is easy to start a conversation with a random girl but it seems that many guys struggle with it. Being able to start a conversation with a random girl is very important if you are looking for a girlfriend or you just want to date someone. The number one reason why guys are afraid to start conversation with girls is the fear of rejection.  This is really unfortunate because as guys, we are supposed to be mentally strong and we shouldn’t care what other people think about us.  TV and media turn guys into wussies that are even afraid to say hi to the beautiful girl in their class.

You might be asking yourself why I am talking about fear of rejection if this article is just about starting the conversation with a girl you like.  I did this intentionally because the number one reason why you might have trouble finding something to say to strike up a conversation with a girl is because you are trying too hard to impress a girl, so that she wouldn’t reject you, but unfortunately the opposite thing happens. If the girl sees that you are trying too hard, she will think that you want to pick her up and she will reject you, but if you start a conversation with a simple “Hi, how is going?” she will be more willing to keep conversation flowing because you sounded like a normal friendly guy who just likes to talk to people.

The secret to approaching girls and starting conversation is that you need to be relaxed, smile and know how to initiate a simple conversation. To initiate a conversation all you need to do is to ask how she is doing, ask her a question about something or give her a complement about something she is wearing or about her style. There are obviously thousands of pick up line but from my experience they all are designed for clubs and parties, where the girl you are trying to pick up is already quite drunk.

Obviously sometimes you will get rejected but this will not happen often. There are thousands of reasons why girl might reject your approach and the most common ones are: she is attached, in a bad mood, shy or she is not into you. The best way to become good with starting conversations with girls is to practice every time you see beautiful girl you like. With practice your approaches will become smoother and you will not even think about what to say or how to act. Also the number of rejections you get will drop dramatically as well, after you get used to approaching girls.

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