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Monday, 23 January 2012 02:20

If you recently got out of the relationship, it might be really hard to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend.  However it is a very important step if you want to successfully move on with your life. Obviously you will still have some feelings for your ex girlfriend but you need to keep in mind that the relationship is over and you shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about what you did wrong that was the cause of the break up, because it will make you feel even more depressed.

The easiest way to stop thinking about your ex is to find a new girlfriend. To find a new girlfriend you will need to get out more and go to the places where you can meet girls. Another way to find a new girlfriend is to talk to your friends and see if any of them have single sisters.  The number one reason why you might have problems stopping thinking about your ex girlfriend is because you don’t have anything else going on in your life. That is why getting a new girlfriend is the easiest way to get over break up without much pain.

Unfortunately in some cases it might be very hard to stop thinking about your ex girlfriend and even the advices I gave you, might not help. In this case you will still believe that your ex girlfriend was the best girl you ever met and that you will never be able to find someone like her. To get over this believe you can try to remember your last relationship and note if you already thought the same about your previous girls. You need to realize that there thousands of other girls that will make a much better girlfriend than your ex, if you give them a chance.

Getting a new hobby or a job can also help you in getting over your ex girlfriend. If you have enough money and time you can also consider going for a vacation to some exotic place, preferably where you can meet girls and this will also help you in moving on with your life. Also don’t forget to get rid of things that remind you of your ex girlfriend, such as photos, text messages and any presents she gave to you. You don’t need to through them away but you can consider locking them somewhere out of sight until you get over you girlfriend and find a new one.

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